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Volunteer Services Improves by Planning Deliveries

July 14, 2015

While often the benefits of route planning focus on the mileage and money saved for profit-driven businesses, nonprofit organizations have found savings in another key area — maximizing the time of their volunteers.

Service and deliveries

Volunteers are a valuable resource for social service agencies like the Jewish Family Service of Dallas, Texas. This agency provides a wide variety of services (mental health, older adult services, emergency assistance, food pantry, etc.) to the greater Dallas metro area, which spans 9,286 sq. mi.
Twice a year the organization provides more than 1,000 holiday baskets to home bound seniors, people who have recently lost a loved one, or who are disconnected from the community.
The bulk of the work is done by volunteers, who organize and deliver the baskets.The use of has greatly improved the process.

Saving time by routing deliveries

“It used to take over a month for volunteers to route the deliveries, but by using MyRouteOnline, it takes a matter of minutes,” explained Beri Schwitzer, Director of Volunteer Services for the Jewish Family Service. “Our efficiency has greatly increased because the system verifies the addresses for us and alerts us if we have the incorrect information, which saves our volunteers so much time!”
Those precious volunteer hours can now be used for other important projects. Plus, as any nonprofit knows, recruiting and maintaining volunteers is a job in itself. Making the most of their volunteers’ time with route planning pays off for nonprofits, helping them improve the services they provide for the people they serve.
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