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Telecommunication Company

August 13, 2014

Planning next day’s visits

A telecommunication company operates 5 to 10 vehicles and needs help to plan 5 to 10 routes with 50 stops per day, 7 days a week. Every day, the planning team reviews the customer list for the next day. At this point, the team determines the number of routes required and the number of vehicles needed.
When planning routes, this company needs to consider the duration of the stops, not just the number of stops. Some clients require a short visit, while others with complicated problems need a longer service time.

To achieve this goal, the company uses MyRouteOnline by:
1. Importing the next day’s list into MyRouteOnline and setting the number of routes with the Max. route duration.
2. Adding approximate service time to each client on the next day’s list.
3. Setting a default service time of 15 min.

This way, the program automatically considers the service time that was set for each stop and those with no service time, get a 15 min. service time to be on the safe side.
The result changes during the week days, ranging from 5 to 10 routes per day.

The planning team knows MyRouteOnline meets their requirements and saves them time and money.
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