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Saving 10 Hours a Day with Route Planning

August 24, 2015

Like many businesses, no day is exactly the same for construction workers. Teams of workers often need to be on different jobs at different times, and those jobs can be located in far flung locations. So when Meridian Construction Company in Ocala, Florida, began looking for ways to make their employees more efficient, they turned to route planning to maximize their employees’ time.

Between 45 to 60 construction areas to visit a month

“We would be on routes from Ocala to Tampa, visiting sometimes as many as five different cities,” explained Bryce Mercier, Meridian’s managing partner and a general contractor. “On average we would have 45‒60 addresses per month to visit.”

Meridian specializes in sinkhole remediation

Sinkhole is a common problem in Florida. Sinkholes form when underground water dissolves minerals in the ground, which creates a buried hole. Eventually, the hole becomes large enough that the top collapses. Sinkholes occur more frequently in land that contains limestone, which is common in Florida.

When a landowner has a sinkhole, it can be a distressing experience. Additionally, depending on where the sinkhole is, it may have damaged or threaten to damage major infrastructure. A timely response is essential.

Saving time Trip planning

When he began researching route planning services, Bryce’s main goal was to avoid manually inputting addresses on a spreadsheet to create routes. He found MyRouteOnline last August, and the company has been using it ever since.

“We saved about ten hours a week in trip planning and doubling back on routes after using the program,” Bryce said. “Some days we would not be able to complete the route, so the program allowed us to adjust the next day’s route.”

An easy and flexible program

Since he never knows where his team will need to go, Bryce appreciates the flexibility of “The program seemed to be the easiest to use and make route changes on,” he said. “We saved time in both the planning process and the routing. We also could adjust if we did not complete the route on a given day.”
Bryce plans to continue to use MyRouteOnline in the future. “I absolutely would recommend this program,” he said. “It’s been great.”
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