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Saudi Employment Agency Navigates Growth with MyRouteOnline

August 23, 2018

Strong demand for house cleaning and other personal services has propelled Saudi Manpower Solutions Co.’s (SMASCO) growth in the market. That success, however, required better efficiency to maintain the high-quality standards expected by the company’s customers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
In 2016, SMASCO found to help streamline its routing system while also providing the flexibility the company needed to keep up with the rapid pace.
Routes change every day, explained Nouredin Mussa, SMASCO Raha Supervisor – Home Sector. “It depends on the contracts and the customer locations. We also have new contracts on a daily basis, which requires us to integrate those stops with our existing customers.”
With over 10 departments and 660 highly-skilled employees, SMASCO uses an ERP system to manage and monitor manpower status to deliver optimized solutions to its clients. MyRouteOnline fits nicely in the organization’s workflow.
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Typically, SMASCO Home Sector employees create about 632 routes per day, with approximately 7,000 stops each day. Each vehicle makes between 12-24 stops, depending on its size.
SMASCO enters addresses into from the company’s ERP system via Excel.
With, four route planners schedule about 1,822 stops per day. The time savings is significant, as is the reduced need for additional staff as the workload has increased.
“Using MyRouteOnline saves our team a lot of money as we don’t need more staff to handle this part of job,” Nouredin explains. “It’s been a good experience as it saves us time, effort and money. It’s easy to use, and it serves our business requirements.”