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Rowan Solar Cleaning Makes the Best Use of MyRouteOnline API

June 02, 2023
Rowan Solar Cleaning

Rowan Solar Cleaning is based in the Phoenix Arizona market and provides maintenance services for solar panels by cleaning and installing protective attachments, such as bird netting. Buck D is the owner and COO of the company and as an entrepreneur, works to provide constant services to an ever-growing pool of repeat customers, as well as a constant in-flow of new customers.

Innovation Service with API

The company is the perfect example of a business at the forefront of technical innovation, providing services in a sector that has been rapidly growing throughout the past decade. More and more people and businesses look to installing sustainable energy sources, in the form of solar panels, in a bid to reduce energy costs and ensure that they use cleaner resources. Aside from the modern field of work, Buck loves to make use of the latest technology in planning and managing his business. This is why he has chosen to make full use of the MyRouteOnline software, including implementing the API, which became his favorite, most advanced feature.
An API call is a process by which an application requests data or services from another application, and the implementation of such a solution is crucial to integrate new services and solutions with existing systems of the company. In this case, Rowan Solar Cleaning stores the addresses on Google sheets and calls MyRouteOnline’s API that automatically sorts the addresses into multiple routes. Once the routes are planned, Google Sheets is then fed back with the addresses in sequence. The company uses that Google sheet further, to organize their technicians, offering the possibility to sort by route or order number.

Multiple Routes Trucks

When running a multitude of trucks simultaneously, Buck needs to make sure that multiple routes can be generated every day, and that they can be integrated well with the other elements and apps present in the company’s workflow. Moreover, the routing needs to be flexible, adaptable, and prone to change or to fitting the company’s evolving needs. With 10-12 stops on each route and distance varying from 50 to 225 miles per day, Rowan Solar Cleaning typically creates at least two routes per day. However, they actually use API calls even more often, in order to feed the system with an updated list of addresses and decide over how many days the jobs should be spread.
The integration of MyRouteOnline with existing systems is one of the most useful aspects of the program. It ensures that businesses not only make use of the fastest, most efficient, and safest route for their drivers and technicians, but also do not have to change their entire workflow in the process or risk losing an efficient method.

Reducing Logistics Costs

On top of the API integration aspect, there is the possibility to visualize routes online, which allows the user to make small changes and adjustments before settling on the final form of the route and exporting it into the final sheet. These aspects are exactly the type of element that makes a piece of software adaptable to the client’s needs and flexible to changes. With this company, it makes sure technicians reach their clients efficiently and on time. Overall, Buck estimates that the routing tool saves his company 5 to 10 hours a week, which can manifest in savings on working hours, gas and maintenance costs and general customer satisfaction. Overall, MyRouteOnline helps improve the scalability of the company and enable its growth with no wasteful costs.
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