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Route Planning for Boy Scout Mulch Fundraising Event

March 24, 2017
Delivering Mulch

The Boy Scouts depend on fundraising throughout the year to raise money. One of those events is sometimes a mulch sale, where the scouts deliver bags of mulch to customers to raise money.
The events are often the result of hard work on the part of the Boy Scout parents. One Boy Scout mother went looking for a better way.
“This is the third year I’ve been the mulch sale coordinator for my son’s troop,” she explained. “The first year, I sorted the routes to our 300 different customer addresses by finding individual houses with MapQuest and collecting them in groups small enough for MapQuest to handle. It took days, and I had less than a week to get everything ready.”
It wasn’t just her time. “In addition to being extremely frustrating, I didn’t do a great job,” she said. “Scouts told me they delivered to houses on one street and then turned around and came back to do a side street because those houses were on a different route.”

So she spent the following summer looking for a routing solution.
“For a mulch sale, MyRouteOnline was clearly the best thing I could find,” she said. “I used it last year, and it worked perfectly. I got hours more sleep because did it all for me, a one-month subscription wasn’t expensive, and volunteers complimented me on the maps and directions.”
She recommends other Boy Scout troops try the software for their fundraisers—from mulch deliveries to Christmas tree pickups. “Every boy scout troop that fundraises with a mulch sale should use MyRouteOnline.”