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Real Estate Services Company Puts Customer Service First

October 19, 2016
Cairn Signs Using MyRouteOnline Route Planner

The backbone of any service-related business is customer service. That’s the philosophy of Cairn Signs Inc., a central New York company offering sign installation, removal, repair, post creation with maintenance, material warehousing and other services for real estate professionals.
The company’s goal in the fast-moving real estate business is quick turnaround—typically two days or less. And their customer base is wide, serving the Syracuse, New York, and surrounding areas.
Every day at Cairn Signs, the “to do” list is different. So Ryan Lynch, the company’s president, needed to find a way to optimize routing for several service vehicles that stop upwards of 40 locations per day per vehicle.
“We had been using MapQuest, which only had the option of entering 26 addresses at a time,” he said. “As a result we would pull up four separate windows, enter all the addresses, and then try to visually combine the maps. It was a nightmare!”
In 2013, he found The biggest selling point for Cairn Signs? “The ability to input an unlimited number of addresses in a program that wouldn’t hinder our operations with any ‘cap,’” Ryan explained.
Today the company estimates it has saved 20% on fuel alone—while also reducing mileage, vehicle maintenance, emissions and time on the road. Plus, Ryan estimates that using saved Cairn employees an average of 1-2 hours/day in the time it took to plan routes, or about 10 hours a week.
While the time and cost savings were considerable, Ryan found another benefit to online route planning.
“Being able to visualize our region as a whole using the planning software was one of the biggest assets in allowing our company to grow and be efficient,” he said. “Without this tool many of our operations would be inefficient and difficult to manage.”
Last, but not least, Ryan appreciates’s dedication to customer service, which helps him maintain his own pledge to their clients.
“Staff is prompt in returning any emails or phone calls,” he said. “I love the service.”

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