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Real Estate Company Visits 25% More Properties

June 03, 2015

Imagine having to visit thousands of properties across the state of Florida in a matter of days. If you tried to type all of those addresses in Google Maps, you’d soon be tearing your hair out.

That was the task facing Matt Merdian, business owner, real estate investor and author of two books— Real Estate Tax Deed Investing: How We Made Over $1 Million in Two Years, and 101 Rules of Real Estate.

Visiting as many as 6,000 properties

Matt Merdian specializes in real estate that goes up for auction after the owners don’t pay their real estate taxes, a niche known as real estate tax deed investing. His business also helps tax certificate buyer Magnolia Advisors research and view potential properties. Once a year, the state of Florida auctions off Tax Certificates, and he’s tasked with researching 1,500 to 6,000 properties in just 4-6 weeks. This research involves viewing each property first hand.

“I literally would not be able to do my job without MyRouteOnline,” Matt said. “Your system is far superior to Google Maps because of the number of properties I can map at once and the ability to include timing between stops.”

Planning multiple routes that are sent to the drivers

Matt has used for three years during his busiest season—the weeks after the state releases the list of properties and before the auction takes place. He typically creates 3-4 routes at once using about 300 addresses at a time from an Excel spreadsheet, which takes about 20 minutes total. The properties can be located anywhere in the state of Florida, which covers 65,755 square miles.

Those routes are emailed to his drivers, who can visit between 60-70 addresses in a day. While driving the routes, Matt’s drivers stop to take photos and make notes on the condition of each property as part of the research process to determine if the company will bid and how much it will bid when it comes up for auction.

Drivers visit 20-25% more properties per day

Because they are paid on a “per property basis”, Matt Merdian’s drivers make more money from more efficient routes. Plus, the company gets the information in a timely manner to complete the research process.

“The drivers are thrilled because the more efficient the routes are, the more money they can make,” Matt explained. “They only have so much daylight per day, so if they can get another 5 or 10 properties in a day, it adds up.”

Matt and his company has saved so many hours of work with, he says it’s impossible to calculate. He estimates his drivers are visiting at least 20-25% more properties per day. That’s a significant time savings during this busy period of the year.

“I think it’s a great value,” Matt said. “I’d recommend MyRouteOnline to any business looking for a better way to plan routes.”
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