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Planning Time Reduced by 30% with Route Planning Software

March 17, 2022

Amplified Nutrition (or AMP) is a healthy meal preparation- and delivery- service. Located in Memphis, Tennessee, AMP provides standard as well as customized meals.
Owners, Richard & Molly McCracken have always been passionate about health and fitness. Richard has completed his Bachelors in Hotel and Restaurant Management with a minor in Food while Molly has received a Bachelors in Exercise Science.
While they have worked in fitness and food service ever since, their journey into healthy food delivery began as a favor to two of their friends. “During training for a fitness shoot, we received a ton of inquiries regarding workout and diet planning”, says Molly. What started as a favor, quickly grew through word of mouth, and eventually became an official business with a large commercial kitchen.
“We saw a real need for customizable meals that fit into people’s diet plans. Whether it be busy parents or fitness competitors, everyone’s needs are different,” explains Richard.
Growing Pains of a Business
As the business grew, orders and location areas increased, AMP needed a route maker to help them with delivery and logistics so that they could focus on their key operations like meal preparation and diet planning. There was a critical need to optimize deliveries to save both time and money. Molly voiced that the company needed to plan delivery routes more efficiently and economically.
After actively searching for a route planner to optimize delivery routes, they found MyRouteOnline. Molly admits that they initially chose MyRouteOnline because of its competitive pricing but quickly found that it was cost-effective and time-saving for the entire business.
AMP delivers to Memphis and its surrounding areas such as Germantown, Collierville, Cordova, Bartlett, Arlington, Lakeland, Eads, Millington, and Desoto County, Mississippi. Deliveries in Mississippi are on Saturday afternoons and in Tennessee are on Sunday afternoons. Molly uses MyRouteOnline to plan deliveries. This not only saves her time from manually planning routes but also prevents drivers from going back and forth along the same routes and ensures that orders reach clients on time.

Solutions with MyRouteOnline
AMP creates approximately 12 routes daily, and these routes change weekly. Each route has anywhere between 12-35 stops. Using excel, Molly can simply import addresses into to create the most optimal route suited for her specific constraints. Routes can be mapped for shortest distances, fastest times, or simply in the exact order. Once the routes are ready, Molly either emails or prints the routes for her delivery drivers as well as uses the app to track deliveries and ensure delivery timelines. She can also save routes online, review maps and manually move stops.
With shorter routes, route planning also saves mileage and fuel costs and improves the bottom line of the business. With MyRouteOnline route planning, orders are more likely to reach their destination without any delays. Timely delivery is important for customer satisfaction, especially in the food delivery business. Molly believes that MyRouteOnline has helped her achieve this and improve customer experience.
Molly says, “before MyRouteOnline, we were spending 3x the amount of time planning the routes. Though driving hours are about the same, I now save a ton of time on the front end, creating routes.” Molly uses this time to improve other operations and expand her business.
“AMP can make eating healthy a reality while saving you tons of time,” says Molly. MyRouteOnline assists AMP in achieving its goals while saving a ton of time!
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