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Planning as many as 165 addresses for a delivery route

April 20, 2015

Many routes are simple and straightforward. Typically 10 to 30 stops is an average route, and while planning a route this size can be done with a map and pushpins, it’s clear that an online multiple stops route planner like MyRouteOnline makes the job faster and easier.

The challenge – Planning multiple addresses

What if the route you need to plan is 165 addresses, spanning two major cities? That is the challenge faced by one of our customers, from Texas, in the delivery business. In a case like this, an online route planner is absolutely essential.

165 addresses

165 addresses

Imagine trying to plan this route using a map and pushpins. It could take literally days, just to find each address on the map. Even if you were able to pinpoint each address, imagine the cluster you would be looking at when every address is plotted.

MyRouteOnline, accomplishes this task in a fraction of the time it would take by hand. Even using a tool such as Google Maps would be a horrendous project. Typing 165 addresses by hand is a mind-numbing job. Not to mention, Google Maps can only hold a small number of addresses. Which addresses would you route first? How would you know?

MyRouteOnline takes the arduous task of routing 165 addresses and boils it down to just a few clicks…Import File…Select Parameters…Plan My Route. Within just a few minutes, an optimized route

165 addresses in one route

165 addresses in one route

As shown in the images, our route planner takes the route from it’s starting point in the center of Corpus Christi and makes a logical, optimized route up and throughout Houston.

Optimized route – Results

For this route, our end results are a travel time of 1 day plus 3 hours, covering 1147 miles. Our customer can start at his home base in Corpus Christi and simply travel through the route, logging as many hours on the road as he wishes until the route is complete.

Let’s say, though, that the user wants a clearly defined set of daily routes. We can use our Extended Trips feature, to break the route into 8 hour periods. Each route will pick up the next day where the previous route left off.

165 addresses as extended trips

165 addresses as extended trips

If you are looking for an online routing tool, then take a close look at MyRouteOnline. Whether you are making small routes for daily deliveries, or large routes spanning hundreds of stops, MyRouteOnline has the tools you need to save you time in the office, so you can spend more time with your customers.
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