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Pet Food Company Chases Better Delivery System

May 10, 2016

Pet owners will go the extra mile for their four-legged friends, and so will My Pet Carnivore, a company that sells and delivers raw food for dogs, cats and ferrets. The company offers monthly home deliveries all over the Midwest and the Great Lakes area, and My Pet Carnivore needed a better solution for planning routes.
“Most of our deliveries are a set route, where our customers meet us at specific locations and times,” Christine Garrett, Operations Manager. “However, twice a month, we deliver direct to customers’ homes, and since the customers who sign up for that service vary from month to month, it would take two people 3-5 hours each to plan the route for that month.”
Christine began searching for a better way to plan delivery routes, and she tried in February 2016.
“The pricing structure was clear and not exorbitant for the number of stops we make per month (75-125),” she said. “Plus, the online demo made it easy to try out the service before signing up, and the demo videos and sample routes made it easy to see how it could work for us.”
In a short time, the company started seeing significant time savings.
“Now, instead of taking two people 3-5 hours each to plan our home deliveries, it takes one person less than an hour to plan the whole route,” Christine said. “It’s easy to see where all of our customers are, and where the most advantageous adjustments are for us.”
My Pet Carnivore did have a special situation that required extra attention from’s customer service team. Because their drivers stay overnight at hotels on delivery days, they needed some extra guidance on the best way to arrange routes in a logical manner.
“The customer service has been top-notch,” Christine said. “We aren’t a big company that has need of the service more than a couple times a month, but we’ve always been treated as though we were million-dollar users.”
My Pet Carnivore has reaped the benefits of online route planning, and they don’t shy away from recommending it to other businesses who deliver products.
“It’s been a positive stress-reliever,” Christine said. “Planning the home delivery route has gone from being a monthly chore to dread, to a simple task.”
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