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Organic Farm Breeds Success with Online Route Planning

January 15, 2018

Interest in natural foods has resulted in a growing demand for organic products. Freerange Ltd., located in Israel, has based its market strategy on raising healthier chicken to meet this need.
“The basic perception of an organic chicken-run is simple—the better the living-conditions of the chickens, the tastier and better quality their meat is,” explained Maggie Adar, Freerange sales manager.
The farm feeds its chickens organic feed and fresh, organic locally grown greens. The chickens are reared without medications like antibiotics, artificial growth accelerators or hormones.

Delivering organic products

Like any business that delivers food, freshness counts. Freerange needed a quick and efficient way to get its products to their customers.
Employees used to create routes manually by simply looking at maps. They were looking to improve the route planning process, to reduce costs and In mid-2017, they found MyRouteOnline from a simple web search.
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Choosing MyRouteOnline

“As we deliver to our customers around the country, we needed a route planner that would help us get from one point to another with many stops in between,” Maggie explained. Multi-stop route planning is one of the biggest benefits of using an automatic system to plan routes.
The company creates 1-2 routes per week, with 15-25 stops in each route. These routes change continuously, so flexibility in planning routes was important. When a route needs an update, one can simply load it to the Route Planner and add/remove stops and click Plan My Route. The route will automatically be calculated from scratch.
Maggie imports addresses into from Excel. After the route is created, she exports them back to Excel and prints them for the delivery driver. Using the printed driving directions is one way to navigate, another would be to use MyRoute app.
The time savings add up—about 1-2 hours per route. “Time is money,” Maggie said. “I recommend using to improve your planning process and save time.”

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