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Route Planning Helps Race Event Cross the Finish Line

November 14, 2018

Participants in a Savage Race event know they’re going to run into hurdles. This mud obstacle course racing company holds events in 11 different cities each year for athletic people looking to challenge themselves.

Since its inception in 2011, the Florida-based company has marketed to members of CrossFit gyms in major cities near event locations—including Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Boston and Chicago. MyRouteOnline has been a key element of Savage Race’s marketing strategy from the beginning.

“We need to find the best routes to cover those cities in a minimal amount of time,” said Connie Brooks, Savage Race customer service & marketing. “We generally spend 3-4 days in an area and visit approximately 25 gyms per day.”

Each trip requires 4-6 routes, and the routes change with every visit. Savage Race employees import addresses from an Excel spreadsheet, and then use MyRoute app by MyRouteOnline, to follow the route.

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The flexibility of the MyRouteOnline subscription plan was a perfect fit for the company’s needs. “We are not a company doing many routes daily, every day of the year, so MyRouteOnline works great for us,” Connie said. “It’s saved me lots of time.”

MyRouteOnline was also beneficial for Connie’s coworker, who drives these routes in each city. “Not only did it help her get a picture of where she was going, but she could also tweak the routes while she was out there making the visits,” Connie said.

Savage Race employees did check another route planning company before MyRouteOnline. “They were more expensive and would not allow us to cancel when our race season was over,” Connie explained. “We had to have a set amount of time that we would pay for, and that was not going to work for us.”

Connie believes MyRouteOnline has helped the company streamline its marketing plan as it’s grown and added new locations.

“It has been a great product for our team,” she said. “I love MyRouteOnline.”