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New Zealand’s Justice Dept. Benefits from Route Generator

April 12, 2018
Ministry of Justice New Zealand

When the New Zealand Ministry of Justice went through an internal restructuring process in 2014, Robert Hart and his staff members found their responsibility expanded physically, from regional to nation-wide.

Robert, senior business advisor for the Ministry of Justice, needed a tool that could help his field staff work smarter. His team was responsible for the enforcement of court orders for unpaid civil debts and unpaid court fines.

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Field staff members now needed to travel to all parts of the country (a total area of 268,021 sq. km), and Robert’s team created approximately 50 routes per week. These routes would change daily, as staff members removed addresses where their mission was resolved and then rerouted the remaining addresses to keep the process moving.

“We were looking for a tool that would take a number of addresses (between 45-100) and put them into an effective and efficient route that the staff member could then follow,” he explained. “MyRouteOnline was the only tool that we could find that was easy to use and not too expensive.”

How it works

Depending on the number of days in the field, these routes typically include 45 to 100 stops. Some are higher priority than others, so that’s taken into consideration. Staff members use an Excel spreadsheet that contains addresses exported from their work manager system. This Excel spreadsheet is then uploaded to MyRouteOnline route generator software. When the routes are planned, the drivers use MyRoute app to assist with navigating the route.

MyRouteOnline helps Robert and his team cope with their increased workload. “The biggest savings is with regards to time,” Robert said. “We also don’t have to worry about keeping the sat nav equipment updated.”

The Ministry of Justice is also impressed with MyRouteOnline’s customer service. That support was essential as Robert and his team adjusted to the changes brought about by the department’s reconfiguration. Robert explained, “They are very proficient and quick to respond to any query or request.”