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Maximize Driver Time Utilization and Fuel Efficiency

March 07, 2016

When your business offers on-site repair services, efficiency is an important part of your business plan. And the fastest way to improve efficiencies is to minimize your time and fuel costs for your employees on the road.
Such is the case with Swanson Industries of Morgantown, West Virginia. This is a provider of hydraulic cylinder aftermarket repair and re-manufacturing, new hydraulic cylinder manufacturing, and related product distribution services. Swanson serves customers in the underground mining, off-highway, steel and off-shore oil and gas markets. As such, their service repair staff members spend a lot of time on the road.

Reduce Driving Expenses

When it came to finding ways to control costs, it was natural to start with the company’s driving expenses. Swanson Industries began looking for a way to improve driver efficiency, and they found in 2015.
“Any business running multiple stop routes will benefit by being able to ensure that driver time utilization and fuel efficiency are maximized,” said Tim Newton, Swanson Industries dispatcher and the primary user of MyRouteOnline for his company. “Time and fuel cost money. When you save on one or both, you save money.”

Easy to Use Route Planner

Swanson Industries chose MyRouteOnline because of its ease of use. As the primary user of the route planning software, Tim said the impact was immediate.
“We were able to maximize driver/vehicle fuel efficiency by shortening drive time and distance,” Tim said. “ is by far the easiest to use of any service I explored. It’s a great tool that any dispatcher running delivery vehicles needs to have in his/her electronic toolbox.”
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