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Making a Difference in a COVID-19 World

May 29, 2020
Making a Difference in a Covid-19 World

COVID-19 has sparked creativity in people looking to make a difference in a time where the need is even greater. Numerous volunteers have found new ways to donate time and money to help those affected by the pandemic and support the efforts to contain it.
In April MyRouteOnline offered free access to our online route planner for volunteers, helping people to plan deliveries, parades, new ways to connect to others, and much more.
We’re pleased to share some of the amazing ways these volunteers are using our services to help others in this difficult time.
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Food & Supplies

Medical experts have advised vulnerable populations to limit close contact with others, triggering more demand for delivery services. A huge number of volunteers all over the world have used MyRouteOnline to start or expand food and supply deliveries to people in need. Everyone from Meals on Wheels volunteers to churches to nonprofits are delivering medicine, food, supplies and other items to everyone from seniors to school children to pets. One resourceful group established a cargo bike fleet to assist local food banks and small businesses working to add home delivery to their services.

Gifts and Appreciation

Connecting with others is more important than ever before. Many volunteers have used our route planner for projects that include delivering Mother’s Day gifts for church members, dropping off teacher appreciation baskets, and taking special awards to students at home. These gifts and tokens of appreciation mean more than ever during this challenging time.


Social distancing and stay-at-home orders have sparked imaginative solutions for people who want to make milestones memorable, including big events like graduations, birthdays and high school proms. Many groups have used MyRouteOnline to plan parade routes and home deliveries for those who want to celebrate safely, yet still mark these notable occasions.

Connecting with Others

Connecting with people in our community is more important than ever in this COVID-19 pandemic. We’ve seen our volunteers find many innovative ways to reach out, including teachers and principals visiting students, a pastor visiting church members, and teachers planning a drive-by parade through their students’ neighborhoods.

Caring for the Environment

Extra time at home has sparked a lot of interest in gardening and improving public and private lands. One group dedicated to the protection and enhancement of natural resources used MyRouteOnline to organize delivery of seedling trees to the community. MyRouteOnline saves time by creating efficient routes while eliminating the problem of getting lost. Reducing planning and driving time means these volunteers can help more people. Plus, routes are accessible from any smartphone, making it easy on drivers.
MyRouteOnline can help non-profits and volunteers continue to meet the growing demands caused by the COVID-19 outbreak. Contact us directly. We’re all in this together.