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Last Mile Experts Inc. Report 50% Reduced Truck Rental Time

May 22, 2023
Last Mile Experts Inc.

Last Mile Experts Inc. is a parcel delivery business operating in Bethesda, Maryland. The CEO Scott Foreman, makes use of MyRouteOnline to organize an annual fundraiser to give back to the local community in Chevy Chase.
Five years ago, Scott was looking for solutions to organize the annual fundraiser of the Bethesda Chevy Chase High School Sports Boosters Organization. The fundraiser is organized using rented trucks and volunteer parent and student drivers. They sell mulch to the community in order to raise money for the athletic programs at the School. While Scott was in business for many years, he was used to advanced routing programs when collaborating with the global giants of logistics companies. He was struggling to route the local fundraiser event by hand, especially since he knew that this task of creating routes, can be automated.

Delivering Like Proffesionals

With the help of MyRouteOnline’s planning and optimization program, the team managed to deliver 23,000 bags of mulch in just one day, with 960 deliveries, 30 trucks, and volunteer drivers.
Once a year, Scott optimizes 125 routes in order to be able to deliver in one day, due to the fact that the fundraiser is organized with rented trucks. For a work of such amplitude, the team gathers the orders in Excel and transfers them to the MyRouteOnline routing program for advanced routing. Until recently, the team used to send the routes to the drivers by email but to maximize efficiency, this year the volunteers used the mobile app. The drivers were able to open the app using QR codes and receive the dispatched routes in seconds. They found it much easier to navigate and access the route they needed. Scott states that “this app essentially turned our parent volunteers into professional delivery drivers.”

Benefits of using MyRouteOnline’s full capabilities

By implementing the app and making use of MyRouteOnline to its full capabilities, the dispatch team was also able to track and monitor all the drivers in real time. With all of these improvements to the route planning process, the dispatch, and the transmission of the routes, the team estimates having increased their profits by 30%. This is due to the fact that with up to 1000 addresses transferred simultaneously and the efficiency of the mobile app, the team was able to reduce the truck rental time by 50% and to operate more trucks at once. The routing was also more efficient, resulting in a reduction of fuel costs and the number of drivers needed.
All these improvements in the efficiency and the profit margins of the annual fundraiser were achieved while conducting the same number of deliveries with the same amount of product. This goes to show what a great difference planning and organizing can make and what can be achieved by working smarter, not harder. Most importantly, while MyRouteOnline is a route planning program that is aimed at companies’ everyday workflow, it is all the more important to make use of all available services when giving back to the community and undertaking gestures of good will.
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