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Healthy Food Business Planning Fresh Deliveries

May 04, 2020
Health Xpress

Busy people know eating healthy can be time consuming—and it is particularly challenging when time is in short supply. Restaurant meals and fast food usually aren’t the healthiest choices, but they are easy to grab when you are on the go.
Healthy Xpress is a food preparation and delivery service company that fills the gap. Serving Dade and Broward counties in the Miami, Florida area, Healthy Express prepares fresh meals that are delivered on the same day to subscribers.

Delivering Healthy Food

“The concept was created for busy professionals who do not have time to cook and want to eat healthy, delicious food that is prepared fresh on the day of delivery,” explained Pamela Gonzalez, owner.

Because Healthy Xpress delivers fresh meals, their delivery service was a key part of their business plan. The challenge grows because of the size of the area. The area is large—more than 4.4 million people live in these two counties.

Healthy Xpress wanted to optimize their logistics and reduce expenses with delivery routing software. About six years ago, they found MyRouteOnline.
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Benefits of Using MyRouteOnline

“It had all the features we needed to plan the routes, and it was a very affordable solution compared to others in the market,” Pamela said. “We immediately saved time planning routes as well as driving time with the planned route.”

Pamela has all the company’s delivery addresses in an Excel file, which she then imports into While her spreadsheet includes a lot of customer information, she selects only the columns necessary for route planning. Comments can be imported as well, to make the drivers’ lives easier.

“It’s so easy to use,” she said.

By using MyRouteOnline, planning deliveries takes only a few minutes, instead of a couple of hours that took before they found this delivery software. Plus, the routes became cost effective, by reducing fuel consumption and driving time. Not only that, customers are happy because food is kept fresh.

Another big benefit was the support provided for the Healthy Xpress team. “The customer service department is always fast helping with issues,” Pamela said.

As a long-time customer of, Pamela highly recommends online route planning for other businesses.

“It’s a great price for the service you receive.”