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Document Destruction Company Plans Multiple Routes

July 21, 2014

A document destruction company in Ohio, has two trucks each of which travels Monday through Friday with 5 to 15 stops a day.
The company was using Google Maps, but they wanted a better way to enter the addresses since Google Maps doesn’t give the option of importing a list of customers and exporting the route to a file that can be re-used.
Now the company is using MyRouteOnline to plan multiple routes at once, in two different ways:
1. They import a week’s list into the route planner and set 10 routes with the maximum number of addresses. The result is 10 routes each week, 5 for each truck, for every working day.
2. They import a day’s list into the route planner and set two routes with the maximum number of addresses for each route. The result is two routes each day, one for each truck.
All routes are exported to Excel and saved online on our servers.
Apart from exporting routes and saving route online, you can also email them and get driving directions or attach a GPS file to be used with your GPS device.
Note that since we do not re-count addresses that are re-planned within 30 days and in this scenario the “day’s lists” are included in their “week’s list” – these addresses are not re-charged.