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Danish Fish Distribution Company Catches Time and Fuel Savings

November 30, 2020

Fish from the Faroe Islands, Denmark, are held in high regard for their quality—thanks to the clean waters of the North Atlantic. Nordfra Danmark ApS has shared the area’s fishing bounty with its customers since 1974.

Today’s the company’s production facilities in Leirvík serves local customers on the islands, including catering companies, ships and fishmongers. Nordfra’s online store enables customers to order on their website and have the goods delivered to their door. Additionally, the company has some locations where people can pick up orders. But as the company grew, planning these distribution routes became more challenging. So, in 2018, Nordfra began using MyRouteOnline to help.
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“We typically create 5-6 routes per week, and each route has 20-30 stops each,” explained Poul Martin Petersen, Nordfra Manager. “When we started using MyRouteOnline, we began saving 10-15 hours per week just in time.”

In addition to the time savings, Poul estimates the company also has achieved about 10-15% savings in both mileage and fuel by optimizing the routes with MyRouteOnline.

MyRouteOnline significantly simplified the routing process. Nordfra personnel use Excel to upload addresses from online orders and manually add any other addresses that come via mail or phone.

Deliveries are made to specific zones on certain days, with customers receiving a text message to confirm the date and time. Nordfra also includes details for drivers, such as when a customer provides access to their freezer for the deliveries. As the fish is frozen, route planning with MyRouteOnline also ensures the delivery process is as smooth as possible so product quality is maintained.

Poul credits MyRouteOnline’s customer service as part of his company’s success with online route planning. One example was a mix-up that resulted in the company paying for two accounts by mistake.

“We were grateful that MyRouteOnline made us aware that we paid for two profiles by accident, while only one was actively in use,” Poul said.

The use of MyRouteOnline has helped Nordfra maintain its reputation for excellent customer service. That’s helped the company continue to serve its customers in the region.

“Our primary market has always been the domestic market,” Poul said. “Everyone in the Faroe Islands knows Nordfra. We serve mostly private customers, but also Faroese institutions and hospitals. We’re proud that the only Faroese restaurant with a Michelin star, Restaurant Koks, is a regular client. Our delivery service is a big part of our ability to serve our customers.”
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