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Community Support: Policing using MyRouteOnline Route Planner

October 13, 2022
Port Alberni

Community Policing Department of Port Alberni is a municipal government position in partnership with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police of the City of Port Alberni, Vancouver Island, B.C.

As Community Policing Manager, Dave Cusson is tasked with the duty of managing volunteering in an efficient manner. Every month, volunteers deliver awareness letters to the residences of those victimized by crime. To optimize volunteer time and for quick delivery of these letters, the department was in search of an easy yet efficient delivery app or software.

Route Planner Criteria

Dave wanted a delivery app that would automatically optimize routes to ensure quick deliveries, without requiring a lot of manual planning and scheduling. He also wanted an app that would be compatible with the department’s iPad devices.

The community policing department plans routes once a month, with approximately 20 stops. Since there aren’t too many stops, Dave can opt to manually enter the addresses into the route planner.

While the department doesn’t need to constantly change routes, stops are often added based on crime stats. A route planner like MyRouteOnline automatically updates stops and adapts the route to ensure the volunteer drivers are still on the shortest, quickest, and most efficient path.

A route planning app reduces the manual time required to plan and schedule deliveries. Besides being time-saving, route planners are also easy to install, learn and use.

Choosing MyRouteOnline

The community policing department chose MyRouteOnline because it met all their criteria. Dave shares how easy it is to upload addresses and handle an account as a manager. He also shares that it is simple and helpful for volunteers to use during delivery. He explains, “The web platform is easy to use and saves us a ton of time. Also, I have always received timely responses from the support team. The app is a perfect fit for our programming!”
Before the MyRouteOnline app, the department worked manually to plan deliveries. Having the MyRoute app on their Ipads is a huge time-saver. Using MyRouteOnline has saved the department approximately 3 hours of planning, scheduling, and delivering time per month.
While Dave prefers to enter the resident addresses manually, MyRouteOnline allows him to export these addresses to multiple drivers/volunteers. The department is also able to assign territories to volunteers to balance the workload.

MyRouteOnline optimizes routes for the most efficient delivery. It takes into account stop addresses, real-time traffic and road closures, delivery schedules, and other variables to plan the quickest possible routes. Efficient route planning saves both the department and its volunteers time and energy.

Besides delivering the letters in an efficient way, the department also saves on fuel as the routes are efficient. Avoiding inefficient out-of-way routes and failed deliveries also cuts costs and saves money. With the navigation feature, volunteers no longer drive around looking for addresses.

MyRouteOnline was easy to integrate with the department’s iPads and devices, making its implementation and adoption effortless and easy.

Lastly, since the Community Policing Department is a not-for-profit volunteer community safety group, MyRouteOnline offers special rates and benefits.
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