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Cabify Uses Online Route Creator to Improve Efficiency

September 26, 2018

Set up like an Uber or Lyft-type service, Cabify Colombia SAS offers transportation services to companies with employees who travel for business or need to commute to work. The flexible program is designed to simplify the organization of local car transportation for Colombian businesses.

The fares remain the same—no matter the time of day or the amount of traffic—which is a big factor in helping their customers budget accordingly. So, for Cabify, efficiency is key to making the most of their drivers’ time and mileage.

In October 2016, Cabify tried MyRouteOnline to improve the way they create routes. “MyRouteOnline was easy and fast. We can change a lot of information quickly, and we can view every route and the place of every coordinate,” explained Crystian Clavijo, Cabify Colombia’s Planning Manager.

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Cabify Colombia plans about 200 routes per day, and these routes change every month. Each route includes about five stops. The addresses are imported from Excel.

Integrating online route planning into Cabify’s busy workflow was made even easier by the responsiveness of the MyRouteOnline customer service team. “Every time I needed support, the answers were very fast,” Crystian said. “I’m thankful for this.”

By improving the company’s route planning, Cabify can now maximize their drivers’ efficiency, something that directly affects the company’s bottom line, Crystian explained.

“We’ve saved a lot of money with MyRouteOnline.”