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Azpro Group Improves Business with MyRouteOnline

November 25, 2022

AZPRO is a commercial graphics or large-scale format printing company based in Arizona. The company handles design, production, shipping and installation of large-scale commercial graphics. These include retail signages, pop-up displays, floor graphics, wall and window wraps, menu boards, expo stalls, banners, billboards, vehicle fleet graphics and more. AZPRO prides itself in going beyond design and creation to offer easy and effortless installations.

The AZPRO Group has been looking for a route planning partner to achieve its remarkable customer service. Fernando Rojas found MyRouteOnline to help their installation scheduling team create smart delivery and installation routes.

Route Planner Solves Challenges

Fernando explains that the AZPRO group has multiple customers across the city. Some are new or one-time customers, while others are repeat customers. With numerous customers, the company had been facing challenges in mapping efficient routes for its installers and delivery drivers.
The company plans over 10 routes per week and each route can have anywhere from 10 up to 80 stops. Fernando was not only spending hours on planning routes but was also finding it increasingly difficult to map the best route as the number of stops increased.

Moreover, the routes are not always the same. Routes can change every week, depending on the project or clients. The bigger the project, the more frequently the route can change.

Using MyRouteOnline

Fernando decided to try a route planner to assist him in scheduling installations for higher efficiency and better customer service.

MyRouteOnline was chosen because it allows him to route multiple addresses effortlessly. The route planner creates the shortest routes taking into account distance covered, time travelled and other custom metrics. There is a simple way to upload multiple addresses into the planner at once, via Excel, and there is even a higher plan that allows uploading as many as 1000 addresses at once for larger projects.

Once the route is ready, Fernando simply emails the routes to himself and his fleet, prints them for distribution and uses them with the MyRouteOnline app for quick and easy navigation. He finds that uploading/exporting the spreadsheet with the routes directly is time-saving, easy-to-use, and beneficial to the business, as a whole.

MyRouteOnline also accounts for live traffic and unexpected road closures to reroute drivers and installers to the most efficient path. The team can also track installers, stops and idle time and notify clients regarding their scheduled installation.

Delivery and installation notification ensures no failed attempts and improves customer service, while tracking helps plan better for future routes.

Benefits of MyRouteOnline

By using MyRouteOnline, AZPRO saves tons of time manually planning and changing routes, adding stops, organizing data and coordinating installations. MyRouteOnline creates the shortest routes quickly and easily.

Saving time and energy on route planning, Fernando can work on more projects and routes simultaneously, thereby increasing his productivity. This is beneficial to both him and the AZPRO Group.

MyRouteOnline reduces planning time, transport time and fuel costs, thereby saving the company money. It provides better customer service and experience resulting in repeat, loyal customers that are better for business.
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