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Accurate Delivery Times in Los Angeles 2015

September 29, 2015     ShareThis

Not all deliveries are created equal. Companies that deliver large and bulky items have special considerations. Deliveries must be scheduled carefully to consider the time it takes at each location to unload and move the items, in addition to the travel time. Also, truck space is often at a premium and has to be organized efficiently so delivery drivers can easily access the correct item at each stop.
Such was the case with Casa Leaders HP, Inc., a furniture and appliance retailer with three locations that offers delivery services in the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area. Casa Leaders HP was struggling to meet the needs of their customers by offering accurate delivery times. This problem was compounded by the fact that some cities in their delivery areas are very large, and the routes were not necessarily efficient.
“We had a manual system for routes for many years, but we had no way of giving an approximate time of delivery to customers,” explained Edward Liberman, President of Casa Leaders HP. “We were distributing deliveries by cities and not taking into account load size and service time, so some trucks were very late on deliveries.”
It was a situation that wasn’t very effective from a customer service viewpoint. So Edward found via a web search, and he decided to try it in early 2015. The impact was immediate.
We have a better idea of delivery times and the load and distribution of our nine trucks seems better,” Edward said. “Plus our overtime is a lot lower since we’ve been using MyRouteOnline’s Route Planner. The system is very useful for any business doing deliveries.”
Those efficiencies have translated into much better customer service. And, as Casa Leaders HP knows, happier customers means more business in the competitive furniture and appliance retail industry.

Finally, Edward Liberman said “we are very eager to continue to improve on the progress already made and hope new improvements by MyRouteOnline will help us remain strong in our market place”.
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