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Your GPS device or mapping websites are just not enough?

February 27, 2023
Truck Routes

You need more than just A to B directions – you’ve got to have a multi stop route planner.
You can probably relate to this true story – I was delivering flowers, spending practically hours on trying to make the optimized route. I used Google maps but had to figure out myself, what would be the shortest route between my delivery stops. That was frustrating and took forever. It’s ok if you have a few stops, but the more stops you have the more difficult the calculation gets, until it’s absolutely impossible. If you are familiar with this problem you should search for a route planner. After all, manually routing multiple deliveries is out of realm of human capacity and it’s best to leave that to computers.

MyRouteOnline provides you with a simple and effective way of sorting complex information and optimizes your routes in seconds. All you need to do is import your multiple addresses and our optimization web-service will instantly calculate all the possible connections between them and give you the smartest route. You can choose to have this route optimized by minimum time, minimum distance or balanced.

Plan Delivery Routes to improve miles per drop and hours per drop – two factors that will result in saving you money. Every truck fleet that makes hundreds of deliveries per day will rapidly improve performance in driver productivity and mileage, by using a reliable truck routing tool and truck gps route navigation app.

MyRouteOnline will produce cost-saving plans for the distribution of goods from local delivery centers to customers’ homes and have a positive impact on your customer service. With our route plan, you’ll be more accurate and consistent which will enable you to improve delivery to timeslot. The free truck route navigation capabilities will allow you to navigate hands free and save time.

Plan Truck Routes to reduce the average distance traveled between your warehouse and your customers. Reduction in truck movements will have positive impact on your wear and tear and improve your bottom line as well as your carbon footprint.

Stop chasing addresses that do not exist or streets that are located on the other side of town. Use MyRouteOnline for the daily planning of your home delivery routes, and join thousands of happy customers who already generate transportation cost savings. For more information please read our FAQ or contact us.
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