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Why Your Current Routing App Isn’t Working for You

March 07, 2019
Mapping route applications

While you have different choices for mapping and routing applications, it’s likely the one you’re using isn’t quite the right fit. That’s because route app developers often focus on the technical aspects of mapping and routing—not the way you actually use them.

Many routing apps aren’t designed for business needs. For example, free mapping services like MapQuest do not optimize your routes, but rather connect the addresses you enter in the same order they were input into the computer. Additionally, you can only input a limited number of addresses per route. If you’re just using an in-vehicle GPS system, you also can’t optimize your routes, and its maps are not updated as frequently MyRouteOnline, which uses Google Maps.

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That’s the biggest reason our customers turn to MyRouteOnline. Our app allows you to input as many as 350 addresses per route with all kinds of necessary features to optimize a route that meets your needs. Our multi-route, multi-stop route planner allows you to upload and map multiple locations, plan your visits and get the most efficient route.

Using this approach, MyRouteOnline will increase your productivity and keep you organized and efficient, giving your business a competitive edge. Major benefits include saving fuel, time and money by using a fast and efficient route plan. That’s fewer roads and bridges traveled, less money spent on fuel, and less air pollution. Other benefits include a lower probability of accidents and a reduced insurance bill.

Some apps aren’t designed for multiple devices. For example, Microsoft Streets and Trips is a mapping software that is downloaded to a single computer. That makes it harder to get the route information to the people who need it—the drivers.

That’s why we developed MyRouteOnline as a web-based service that is accessible from any computer. Our routing services can be used on PC, tablet, or iPad, and then exported to Android or iPhone. You can also reload saved routes; import contacts from Excel, Text, CSV; or import addresses lists from cloud storage programs like Google Drive and Dropbox.

Multi-stop Multi-route planning

Multi-stop Multi-route planning

Large, enterprise organizations often use custom routing applications that are expensive. We designed MyRouteOnline for any business, no matter the size. Any company or individual who needs to schedule deliveries, pickups or service tasks could benefit from MyRouteOnline.

Make the most of your time, and learn how MyRouteOnline can help you get the job done.