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Why planning deliveries is now a science

May 31, 2021

Anyone who makes deliveries knows the challenges involved in mapping out a variety of addresses on any given day. You spend a lot of time planning deliveries — time that takes you away from other tasks. It can take hours just to look up the addresses, much less plan a route and actually make the deliveries.

Now there’s the technology that can streamline your route planning tasks. MyRouteOnline can help quickly plan an efficient route — saving time and fuel costs as well as improving both your bottom line and your carbon footprint.

Create One Seamless Route

With MyRouteOnline, anyone can plug in multiple delivery addresses and receive a route that optimizes their time. The technology gives them the most direct route that hits all of the addresses in the most efficient order. Data input is quick and easy, and MyRouteOnline does all the work for you! No more trial and error. MyRouteOnline is a technological advance that helps business and promotes an effective workforce.
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Great for Mail Delivery

Do you deliver mail or newspapers? MyRouteOnline can help you. These individuals clearly have to deliver to a variety of addresses on a daily basis, but those addresses are likely to stay the same for them over a period of time. That means they just have to map it out once to discover the very best route to take to get their work done in as little time as possible.

Infrequent Deliveries

One might think that those who deal with infrequent deliveries might not gain as much from MyRouteOnline, but the opposite is actually true. Those who do not deliver to the same addresses all the time could use MyRouteOnline on a daily basis to discover which routes they need to take in order to get to where they are going as quickly as possible. Since the route is always changing, they need this service more than anyone else.

Get the most out of your vehicles by maximizing productivity while reducing maintenance costs. For more information on the bounty of benefits from MyRouteOnline, contact us today.

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