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Why Is Route Planning Important?

February 25, 2019
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When it comes to your business’s bottom line, you want to ensure that you are doing all in your power to achieve the best outcome.

No matter your business, when you invest a lot of time and effort traveling around different territories you will find the cost adding up, fast. Naturally, finding a solution that will reduce major costs and help your business operate in an efficient manner is the step you should be taking – and this is where route planning software comes into effect.

Route generators have many benefits that your business can reap and profit from, here are four for you to check out.

Increased Safety

So, you’ve sent your drivers on their route but, provided them with no means of direction. Just imagine the time, effort, and stress they will experience when faced with unfamiliar roads, bad traffic, road closures, and so on. These types of situations lead to anxious drivers – and anxious drivers lead to risk on the road, for themselves and others.

Don’t forget, safety always comes first, and just by having a clear route set out you can experience a significant impact on risk reduction. Route planning software, helps your business and drivers predict and prepare for hazardous aspects of being on the road, and therefore, plan your route accordingly, to minimize risks and maximize productivity potential.

Additionally, alternative routes can be generated to provide your drivers with the safest path to take, and thus potentially avoid risk and accidents.
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Reduced Transportation Expenses

Pesky transportation expenses such as vehicle maintenance and fuel can creep up on you fast if you’re not careful. Unplanned routes lead to long periods of driving time, and more fuel being used up. Not to mention, the risk of fuel being wasted on any backtracking taking place, and higher vehicle wear and tear due to lack of efficiency.

By optimizing your routes, you can drastically cut fuel, labor, and vehicle maintenance costs – a big plus for any business trying to stay in budget. An optimized route, provides drivers with clear instructions to where they are going, thereby, helping them avoid any backtracking on the road. Meaning, drivers can avoid backtracking, stay on the road less, and achieve all their planned destinations in a timely manner – while reducing overall transportation costs for you.

Better Planning

Are you a business that needs to reach 20, 60, over 100 destinations in one day? If so, staying on top of the ever-growing pile of destinations is pivotal to your company success. And, in order to do so in a timely and efficient manner, you need to employ better planning strategies.

When it comes to organizing and arranging all your destinations for the day, turning to a route generator for help is the perfect solution. It will do all the hard work for you, all you need to do is input the addresses, and wait to receive an optimized route by time, distance, and location.

With this, you’ll be able to achieve all your intended destinations, utilize vehicles more efficiently, and most importantly, reduce the amount of time spent on the roads- due to the reduced level of transportation necessary. Meaning, you’ll find that you are on the roads less, and achieving more.

Increased Customer Service

With the boom in technology, the need to meet customer demands and tight deadlines is more than ever. Customers expect high-quality service, at all times, and bad delivery experiences – whether due to late deliveries, or faulty items – are the main reason why customers will turn to a competitor.

But with route planning software, businesses can not only meet all their tight schedules but also, make changes to the route on the fly. Therefore, you’ll be able to manage any changes and emergencies without it affecting your overall delivery schedule, and ultimately, customer satisfaction.

With MyRouteOnline, all these benefits and then some are possible. You can plan your daily routes and deliveries in mere minutes, and receive an optimized route of up to 350 destinations based on time and location. Our route planning software will help you save time, money and fuel, all the while, ensuring you’re delivering stellar service to your customers at every step of the way.