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What is the Fastest Route Finder Software?

April 17, 2023
The fastest route finder software

If you spend more time on the road than anywhere else during your workday, you’re probably begging for a simple way to find the fastest route with the best route finder that’s free, right? And while there are many standard navigational apps out there to help you get from point A to point B, your demands are a little different when you are a delivery driver or courier service that must hit 100 stops in a day. So, when we’re talking about this magnitude of stops, we have to acknowledge that a lot of time can be eaten up simply trying to configure the fastest and smartest route that helps you hit all of your stops. You know, without having to backtrack and zig zag all over town.

MyRouteOnline goes far beyond the standard features found within your average GPS. Additionally, it is used as an organizational, communication, and tracking system for thousands of businesses.

MyRouteOnline is no small fry; in fact, we have become the clear choice for thousands of business owners and individual drivers who spend many hours on the road. We service companies with one vehicle to 1000 vehicles. Essentially, if you’re looking for an efficient route finder to simplify your daily driving- we’ve got you covered!

Customers and industries that love using our route finder software

Below are just a handful of other industries and individuals that have thrived since adopting MyRouteOnline into their daily practice.

Delivery and distribution industries

Efficiently plan your teams’ pick-up and dispatch routes with ease. When you increase efficiency in this area, you can save costs on operations, mileage, and fuel. Our system allows team leads to track and manage their delivery fleets to ensure productivity and provide real-time updates to customers. As a result, customers will love that their deliveries arrive within the promised time and are fresh (crucial for food and floral delivery services).

Service and maintenance teams

Learning how to optimize your time on the road allows technicians to spend more time with clients, addressing their needs and racking up billable hours, and less time planning a route and driving in circles.

Real estate agents and Sales representatives

Sales reps and real estate agents are frequently required to drive to multiple locations within one working day. Either to meet various clients and different prospectus locations or to chauffeur their clients in their vehicle, showing them various locations. Especially when you have a client in your car, you want to appear professional, poised, and put together, which MyRouteOnline helps you achieve.

In search of a route finder for the USA?

When planning any navigation route for the road, most people turn to Google Maps without a second thought. After all, it’s a route finder that’s free, and Google is a household name. However, while Google Maps is a fantastic route finder if you’re going from home to work or alike, it does fall short when it comes to planning a multi-stop trip. For example, imagine using Google Maps to create a route with 1000 stops. It just wouldn’t work, you would constantly be going into the app to enter the next destination, and therefore this doesn’t actually help with planning the smartest route when considering the whole picture.
Finding the fastest route in the USA is as easy as doing these 3 steps:

  1. Import your list of addresses from Excel – we can tackle up to 1000 destinations at once
  2. Choose to prioritize time, distance, or speed
  3. Open up the MyRouteOnline app, and drive!

Take your business international

Our software is absed on Google Maps and this way customers regularly use the app all over the globe, from Europe, Australia, New Zealand and more. After all, if you’re operating a transport or courier business, your job can quite literally take you anywhere. We want you to be able to keep your promises to customers and take those big steps to expand your business and grow, knowing that what you have planned is entirely achievable and that you have the tools to help you get there (literally!).

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