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What is the best way to route my deliveries?

October 07, 2021
What is the best way to route my deliveries

Since the pandemic has boosted online shopping sales, the delivery driving business has transformed your profits. Well, we’re here to help that by making your routes more efficient and saving on fuel costs. Suppose you’re wondering what could route my deliveries more effectively. In that case, you need route planning software that calculates distance, time windows, traffic, saves common routes, suggests real-time reroutes to avoid road works, traffic jams, natural disasters and more. Giving your multiple drivers a tool that can help them help themselves makes perfect sense to delivery management. And yet, so many businesses still rely on accessible route planners such as Google Maps and others – they simply aren’t ideal for delivery operations.

Complex routes

For complex routes such as new routes with multiple stops, any delivery business troubles you may encounter, you should first try to understand the distance and time it takes to complete. Some delivery points may be outliers, far from the rest of the pack, yet they may be easier and quicker to get thanks to highways. While delivery points closer together on the map may only be accessible using winding dirt roads which can only be driven upon at a slow speed. Your delivery driving managers can see which routes are the most efficient for time and managing distance using our route app. This lets them know how much wear and tear to expect on their vehicles, how much the fuel will cost and find any hidden spots that may offer shortcuts.

Common routes

If you have common routes, you need software that can save them, help improve them and give delivery drivers helpful information while on the go. Our route knows exactly where traffic jams are, where an accident may be or when road works are occurring – this helps to reroute your drivers. This saves time, money, fuel costs and stress. You can import 350 unique addresses from an Excel sheet, allowing you to make multiple routes from one major route if you run a delivery company. These common routes can be improved and changed, saved and loaded up, ready for whenever your drivers head out.

Optimizing your routes

You never know when you will need to change things up. You may need to add a couple of stops, decrease a few, make a special stop for a B2B customer, or drivers may need to meet up to swap packages. Using our software you can optimize your routes using distance, time, territories, deviations, time of departure, order size capacity, etc. Managers and drivers can do this and see the changes made in real-time. This can all be calculated using driving, cycling or walking. Every minute counts, and that’s why driving and walking can be estimated to provide an accurate picture of what an actual working day might look like.

If you would like to know more about MyRouteOnline’s fastest route optimization software and how it works, simply contact the team today! We will be happy to speak to you and answer any questions regarding our route planner apps.
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