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What An Effective Route Planner Means For Saving USPS

December 04, 2014
USPS are planning Effective routes to reduce costs

Postal Service Problems

To say that the post office is in trouble would be an understatement. The postal service is having a problem staying afloat because fewer people are sending letters to one another these days. While this is a critical situation for the post office, it is not one that cannot be overcome. In reality, there are some solutions to the post office’s problem, but the vital thing is to cut some costs.

Delivery Six Days A Week Takes A Toll 

Some of the suggestions to save the post office include eliminating Saturday mail delivery. For the time being though, Saturday delivery is still on, so the Post Office has to prepare for that. Six days worth of mail delivery is costly. Wasting even a single drop of gasoline in their vehicles is an expense that the Post Office cannot afford. A route planner can help the USPS achieve maximum efficiency.

Show Me Where To Go

A route planner shows the drivers where it is that they can find the best routes to accomplish all of the stops that they have to make. The planner knows exactly which combination of streets to take in order to make all of those stops in the exact order that saves the most travel time and therefore gasoline. It is something that the Post Office has to try.

Competing With UPS and Fedex

In order to compete with the large package carrier services, the USPS has to start using some of the route planning tools that are available. They may be at a disadvantage to these private companies that have been using such tools for a long time now. At the same time, the USPS has been in the business of delivering packages for a much longer period of time and therefore have the experience to potentially overcome the other challenges that they are facing.
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