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Valentine Rose Sale Fundraiser – Rotary Foundation, Kansas

January 25, 2016

“Our fundraiser was a big success yesterday and the part that MyRouteOnline played was actually pretty amazing.”

These were the words of Tom Hansen, from Johnson County Rotary Foundation, KS, USA.

Johnson County Rotary Foundation conducts a Valentine Rose Sale Fundraiser every year.

The club members and other volunteers deliver all the roses they sell and all the proceeds go to a local charity.

They had 3 days (Feb 12 until Feb 15) for this project, where they had to prepare the flowers, organize the orders and create routes for about 250 addresses. All 250 addresses were divided between 15-20 drivers who eventually had to deliver the roses they sold.

After searching online for a route planner, they came across our routing solution. They had all addresses in Excel and took the following steps:

1) First, they imported that file to our route planner.
2) Then, they set 18 balanced routes that started at the same location and lasted about 1 hour.
The result was 18 routes, each had between 12-14 addresses.
3) They viewed the result, manually changed a few stops to meet their needs and emailed the routes to all the drivers.

As Tom Hansen concluded:
“Most of our volunteer drivers have smart phones and when I emailed their routes to them they just opened the email on their phone and then clicking on any address opened Google Maps with a choice to navigate to the address. They were very impressed and it made their job a LOT easier. And it turned hours of my time planning out routes into less than an hour.
Thank you all for a wonderfully useful product!”
If you’re busy on Valentine’s with flowers delivery etc., get ready for this Valentine’s, and contact us ahead of time.