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Using a route creator for environmentally friendly delivery

February 26, 2018

With the ever-present threat of climate change, environmentally friendly attitudes are both increasingly popular and increasingly necessary. In our social, personal, and professional lives, it’s rapidly becoming the norm to seek out environmentally friendly solutions to everyday activities.

Smart route planning

One of the biggest areas where people are looking to change their behaviors is driving. People are reducing the environmental impact of transport, in part, by consuming less fuel or adopting alternative means of transportation. Meanwhile, for industries that rely heavily on driving–such as companies that distribute and deliver items to their customers–there’s increased public pressure to progress toward environmentally friendly behaviors.

One way these companies can reduce the environmental impact of their delivery strategy is to use a route creator. These online route planners give these companies the most efficient delivery route, helping them reduce their fuel emissions and ensuring environmentally responsible route planning. Here are some of the details:
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Ensuring the most efficient route

Choosing the most efficient route in your delivery strategy is a complex process. Because there are so many different factors involved, such as the recipient’s preferred time of delivery and lunch breaks for your delivery staff, planning a delivery route isn’t simply a matter of choosing the best way to navigate between stops. Route creators like MyRouteOnline gather information about the shortest distances, the different speeds of the roads, customers’ preferred delivery times, and needs such as lunch breaks and fuel stops, and then analyze this information to determine the most efficient route overall.

Route optimization for single routes

For small businesses and companies delivering small orders, route planners can optimize single-day, single-vehicle routes. At their simplest, they ensure that a delivery vehicle makes all the necessary stops at all the right times–all while preventing the unnecessary backtracking that adds hours to driving time and wastes fuel.

Efficient multi-routing for delivery fleets

Multi-routing is even more complex, and it’s almost impossible to do properly without route optimization software. When there are multiple routes and several different vehicles, it’s all too easy to waste fuel by sending vehicles down overlapping paths. By allowing you to specify the number of routes, the maximum duration for each route, the maximum stops per route, and the maximum vehicle size, routing softwares improve the speed and efficiency of your deliveries, allowing you to save time and fuel on even the most complicated routes.

Accomodating for alternative modes of transport

You can further improve your green delivery strategy by using routing software not only for car and truck delivery, but for biking and even walking delivery as well. These alternative delivery strategies are particularly useful in urban environments, where congestion and lack of parking can make driving a slower and less convenient, as well as a less environmentally friendly, alternative.

Reducing emissions

Whether it helps you navigate single-route deliveries, optimizes for multiple routes, or adjusts to different modes of transport, online route creators help you minimize fuel for all of your requirements and preferences. By reducing the distance you travel and minimizing the time you spend on the road, route creators help you ensure a more environmentally friendly delivery strategy.

Route creators and eco-friendly delivery

Just as the environment can benefit from a reduced emissions delivery strategy, your company can benefit, too. By taking a stand against excessive fuel emissions, your business will appeal to customers who are making a conscious effort to reduce environmental waste. At the same time, a reduced amount of fuel and driving hours will help your business save on costs. In short, greener delivery–made more achievable than ever using route planning apps–is a triple win for your company, for your customers, and for Planet Earth.