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Truck Fleet Management

November 26, 2018
Truck Fleet Management

Truck fleets are high-cost assets for any logistics company. Therefore, it’s crucial to ensure you are maximizing their value to achieve optimal management in your business.

However, these days there are countless components that go into fleet management, and all these factors must be efficiently planned for the numerous fleets your company has. Meaning, to succeed and make efficient and informed decisions it’s necessary to outsource a helpful solution.

When looking for a truck fleet management platform, you need to pick out a solution that will equip you with the necessary tools to efficiently manage your fleet. Here are four features we offer to help you with your truck fleet management.

Real-Time Vehicle Tracking

Whether your drivers are on the move, parked, or taking a little detour, with an optimized and pre-planned route you can obtain their precise location to help fleet managers monitor driver’s route compliance, determine ETAs, and deal with issues real-time.

At MyRouteOnline, our routes integrate with Google Maps for you to pinpoint exactly where your drivers are at any given time, adapt quickly to new developments on the road, and help you when it comes to your scheduling issues.

With this, you can make informed decisions regarding your truck fleet management, save money, and make your business more efficient.

Maximize Routing

At the heart of truck fleet management lies creating an efficient route. Without this not only will your drivers not reach their numerous destinations on time but also, they will most likely have to deal with deciphering a route riddled with mistakes – and waste a lot more company time than necessary.

That being said, there are many components that go into the creation of a truck fleet route from traffic, to speed limitations, to locations. In order to account for these in every truck fleet route, it’s imperative to obtain a tool that can help.

By using MyRouteOnline, truck fleet managers can plan ahead, save valuable time, and gain insightful information into fleet performance. Our optimization tool works in three easy steps for you to enhance your routes and help you remain in control.

Moreover, drivers can export your optimized route to the MyRouteOnline App, where they can follow a live map to all destinations – with navigational instructions – to help them focus on the road, while you can keep track of their progress.

Coordinate Delivery Schedules

We all know juggling our jam-packed schedules is a daily hassle, so imagine having to juggle numerous schedules. Truck fleet managers understand this struggle, and that it only takes one small change to mess up the whole system. Which is why it’s vital to find a way to coordinate all schedules to minimize errors and integrate with other systems.

With MyRouteOnline truck fleet managers can plan an unlimited number of routes at once, assign territories to balance workload, review and manually extend trips, and more. Our online system allows you to access and track all your routes from one platform. Meaning, all your schedules are located in one place, minimizing any errors or extra time clicking between applications.

Gather Data

One crucial element of truck fleet management is collecting and analyzing vast amounts of data for comprehensive planning. Insightful data for example, on which fleets take more time, productivity levels, and so on, is crucial for managers to monitor fleet activity and compare trips. Even more, past data can be used and analyzed to determine overall truck fleet performance and which elements of the operation need to be improved for better management. Ultimately, this will benefit the business long-term and ensure your truck fleet is on the road to success.

With MyRouteOnline, you can save and review your routes when needed to use and extract relevant information on performance for analysis. Also, you can study past routes to see what factors affected performance, and where you can improve for the next time you send your trucks out on the road.


When it comes to your truck fleet management, don’t settle. It’s important to find the solution that meets all your business demands. Here at MyRouteOnline, we aim to please, from our optimized routes to navigational app, we can help you get your truck fleet where it needs to be, all the while enhancing business efficiency, safety, and profits.

If you would like to know more about how our tool can help you with efficient route planning contact us today.