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Tricks to Maximize Your Halloween Treats

October 20, 2014
Halloween routes

Best Halloween Routes

While parents search for Halloween costumes and plan trips to the pumpkin patch, children everywhere start thinking about just one thing as October 31st approaches — maximizing their candy collection efforts.
It’s a serious business for young trick or treaters. Halloweens of yesteryear have revealed the best spots for candy — the block of neighbors who give out full-sized candy bars and that old guy on the corner who offers up 1 lb. Hershey chocolate bars. Plus there are always a few houses that are best avoided, like the dentist who hands out floss and sugarless gum attached to his business card.
So your little trick or treaters have a lot of houses to visit, and a limited time to get it done. How do you make sure you are working the neighborhood efficiently? A problem of this magnitude requires a creative solution.

Maximize Limited Trick or Treating Time

Technology saves the day for this generation’s little ghouls. With a few addresses and an online route planner, you can maximize your limited trick or treating time by mapping out a route that includes all your favorite places. Want flexibility? Route planning maximizes your time, giving you a chance to pick up a few last minute stops if you get done early or make sure you have a moment to stop by Grandma’s house on the way home.

Create your own Route

Just enter your addresses in any order, and MyRouteOnline will instantly create an optimized route. Simply print or email your route from your computer. Plus, you can view it on any device with email access.
Imagine your little pumpkins working their way through the neighborhood efficiently, with plenty of time to smile at the neighbors and say, “Thank you,” while your friends’ kids are running willy nilly all over the place trying to hit every house.
Don’t rely on those other mapping services that simply give you a route connecting addresses in the same order they were input into the computer. Your little goblins deserve maximum fun on this special night, and route planning is the way to do it. On second thought, it might be a good idea to stop by that dentist’s house. You may need his card after all.