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Transportation routing software saves the day for Detroit truckers

September 18, 2014     ShareThis

Delivery Problems

According to an article from Crain’s Detroit Business, recent flash flooding in the metro Detroit area may have been very bad for a number of businesses if local trucking companies hadn’t relied on transportation routing software. The drivers, who rely on the state’s highway system to deliver goods, were able to reroute their deliveries to avoid most of the problem spots, the article stated.

Weather Impacts

One company making deliveries in the area, Con-Way Freight Inc., stated that only one of its service centers was significantly impacted by the weather, with some operational issues and delays. However, their spokesman said, while vehicles may have gotten caught in the traffic due to the floods, they were all able to safely return to their service centers.

Dangerous Conditions

Other companies with metro Detroit hauls said they, too, relied on mapping technology in order to mitigate the impact of the storms. One company spokesperson stated that the floods would have spelled disaster fifteen years ago, before such technology was in place. That particular company reported a few missed deliveries and some drivers on overtime, but nowhere near the financial impact that could have occurred had the drivers not been able to re-plan their routes to avoid the hardest hit areas.

Transportation Software can Save Lives

Transportation routing software doesn’t just save money and time. In situations such as the Detroit area flash flooding, it can also save lives by allowing delivery truck drivers to bypass dangerous road conditions. For more information on how you can use a web-based route planner with your delivery business, contact us.