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Transportation Optimization

June 27, 2011

Companies should always think about ways to make their transportation and logistics become a competitive advantage. With fuel costs constantly rising, there is even a greater need for a better transportation management and for an optimization process to come into the picture.

When it comes to transportation and logistics, in order to stay in business, companies should lower their planning time, fuel consumption, mileage, wear and tear and carbon footprints, and also increase their routing efficiency and customer service.

What is the optimal solution? Each company should think this through very carefully since there are all kinds of solutions
providing optimization. Managers should decide which solution will bring them the highest value.

You obviously decided what’s better for your business – using an in house carrier or leaving the shipping and distribution tasks to a transportation company. This is a matter of cost that is determined by all kinds of external costs associated with distribution.
But no matter what your decision was, you can still make sure each of these carriers follows your optimized routes while distributing goods to multiple locations.
By keeping just this small part of the supply chain efficient, they drive less in terms of time and mileage and are able to get more work done within the same work hours. As a result, you pay less and improve your customer satisfaction.

We like to quote the Texas Transportation Institute that illustrates the effects of the nation’s traffic problems:

  1. The overall cost (based on wasted fuel and lost productivity) reached $87.2 billion in 2007 – more than $750 for every U.S. traveler.
  2. The total amount of wasted fuel topped 2.8 billion gallons – three weeks worth of gas for every traveler.
  3. The amount of wasted time totaled 4.2 billion hours – nearly one full work week (or vacation week) for every traveler.

We have developed a routing optimization tool, that brings the competitive advantages we mentioned to companies that choose to implement it. It’s a web based routing tool that requires no installation and is so simple to use that there is almost no learning time.
Below are very useful features – even if you don’t choose our routing tool, make sure you look for these features while searching for the suitable solution to your needs:

  1. Import an excel or text file with your address list and create a single route or several routes at once.
  2. Plan your routes to be optimized by the shortest, fastest or most balanced way or simply choose to have your addresses in their original order.
  3. Set any start address and add an end address or make it a return trip.
  4. Add your departure time and the service time you need in each location.
  5. Enter multi-route parameters such as Max. Route Duration, Max. Stops per route, etc.
  6. Use territories to make sure the workload is balanced.
  7. Easily manually change your planned route, to meet your specific needs.
  8. Get a map with accurate turn-by-turn driving directions or import your route to a GPS device.
  9. Export your routes to excel for a future use.
  10. Send your routes to any email address and open it with any Smartphone.