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Tired of Driving in Figure Eights?

July 26, 2013     ShareThis

Save Time and Money With an Online Route Planner
Movers and delivery people from every industry share a single monologue, repeated nightly, digital map in hand: “First I drove up here, then they had me go all the way down there, and then I got stuck in traffic for two hours trying to get back over here,” and so on, until the speech finally ends with, “twelve hour shift.” The crux of their complaint: They drove around the world in some kind of five-pointed star or figure eight, causing them to work overtime without actually making many deliveries. From a business owner’s standpoint, that equals lost revenue and fractured employee morale. You could carefully chart each route yourself, taking into account incoming deliveries as they arrive, sweating over the details, or you could opt for simplicity: a web-based route planner to shave hours off your work day and your crew’s.
Whether your drivers use smart phones or a separate GPS, delivery routes created with MyRouteOnline can be easily shared to either device or printed for drivers traveling into areas with poor cell service. Transform a list of addresses into a timed itinerary, map, and detailed driving directions for every stop in minutes, allowing for more deliveries per day, less fuel consumption, and more revenue. Import regular customers as contacts, further simplifying the process. Make manual adjustments when necessary, and customize the application’s parameters to best fit your needs. In the end, you’ll have more time for your core business – the product being delivered – freed up by the hours you’d normally spend playing dispatcher.
If you’re a driver responsible for charting your own route, use My Route Online to get back to the warehouse in the timely fashion everyone prefers. Amaze the boss with your efficiency, and you may find yourself the star of the outfit, making more drops per day in less time while earning more money. At the very least, an organized route will save you the hassle of fighting with your phone or GPS, the irritation of battling the same stretch of road more than once per day, and the stress involved in returning to the home office before midnight.
If you or your company needs a versatile tool to organize and plan your daily deliveries, contact us.
Stop driving in circles, and watch your revenue increase along a steady line.