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Timely Deliveries on Valentine’s Day – Making Happy Couples

February 06, 2017
Valentines Day 2017

Valentine’s Day is one of the most important holidays of the year for gift giving. Failing to present a significant other with a gift can result in a fissure in the relationship. However, it is sometimes not the fault of the individual that a gift doesn’t appear. Handling tons of orders puts companies like gift shops and online stores under heavy pressure, and they are not always able to deliver on time.

Your Competition

Today, there are no limits to where consumers can find Valentine’s gifts. From specialist gift shops to stores selling a Valentine’s Day product line, there are a huge number of options. To make matters worse, this includes both online stores and brick-and-mortar establishments offering shipping services. If you are to have any chance against this competition, you need to offer a reliable delivery service.

Same-Day Requirement

Many last-minute shoppers like to wait for Valentine’s Day before purchasing a gift. With so many businesses offering same-day delivery, customers have no concerns about finding a present to arrive in time. However, if you fail to offer this service, these consumers will look elsewhere.
The same-day delivery demand puts an extra strain on retailers — if they fail to deliver, they could lose a customer for life. To keep customers returning year after year, companies need to keep their word and fulfill their same-day delivery promise.

The Solution

Delivery drivers need to visit every destination on their list before it’s too late. This means determining a logical order for their routes. Basic map software is no help, as it only allows you to input different destinations and see the locations — it will not tell you the order in which to visit them all. If you attempt to plan the route yourself, you will be wasting valuable time you should be spending on dealing with the huge influx of orders.
A better solution is to rely on MyRouteOnline. Our Route Planner has the ability to read your Excel so that you can import your spreadsheets of destinations in seconds. Once we have all destinations, we automatically calculate all possible routes and give you the most efficient route, connecting multiple destinations. Plus, MyRouteOnline can create routes for multiple drivers at once. By determining which stops will work best for each route, you save even more time and money. When your routes are ready, email them to the drivers and MyRoute app will work with any navigation app on your mobile phone and ensure not a single package is late.
Use MyRouteOnline and you’ll be contributing to couples’ happiness this Valentine’s Day.