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The Logistics Management Solutions

May 02, 2023
Logistics Management Solutions

Suppose you’re operating any sort of business that requires you or your team members to navigate the streets, avoid traffic, and do their best to make multiple deliveries in a timely manner. Whether you work in the food delivery industry alongside door dash, local eateries, ghost kitchen delivery services, the competitive e-commerce delivery field, or for an independent local florist, your drivers all want the same thing. They want to know how to get their deliveries to their final destination as fast and efficiently as possible without spending large chunks of time manually mapping out the best route or backtracking their movements on the road. In short, they want logistics route planning software to do all the heavy lifting for them.

This is where we come in…

Who can benefit from the use of logistics route planning software?

Thousands of businesses and independent drivers on the road are using MyRouteOnline. In addition, food delivery businesses, fulfillment shipping businesses, courier service businesses, real estate agents, home repair teams, and so many others have streamlined their logistics management solutions, thanks to MyRouteOnline.

While MyRouteOnline is most popularly used by delivery, courier, and fulfillment businesses, there are many other much smaller and even independent users that have been able to experience the deep positive impact in their business and daily life by implementing the use of our logistics route planning software.

For example, let’s say you own an independent online bakery. It’s just you growing this venture from scratch. You get up early to prepare and bake fresh treats. You check online orders and interests on your phone before you’ve even had your morning coffee. You are constantly busy coming up with new recipes, new ways to gain traction on social media, and how to market your business to a broader audience. Amongst all of this, you also have to hand-deliver the goods yourself to a number of locations throughout the day. You don’t have the time, mental capacity, or desire to sit down and chart out the most efficient route because that would only take away time from other more pressing tasks you have to do. Sounds hectic, right?

Independent business owners like the one shown above crave logistics management solutions that allow them to use their time wisely, without being too expensive.

The logistical features of MyRouteOnline

Let’s look at the specific logistical tasks that MyRouteOnline can help you manage:
Import or reload contacts in a snap

  • Import your client details/destinations from Excel, Text, or CSV
  • Save destinations to easily revisit in future trips
  • Amend or update previous routes
  • Use Dropbox or Google Drive to import lists from your cloud storage
  • Optimizing Routes

  • Map out journeys with up to 1000 addresses
  • Set Time Windows
  • Minimize distance, time, or a balance between the two
  • Manually move routes and stops if need be
  • Territories and Multi-Routing

  • Organize territories evenly amongst team members for a balanced distribution of work
  • Plan unlimited number of routes at the same time
  • View route animation prior to the actual driving for clear driving directions
  • Craft a sequence of complex routes, where each one picks up where the previous one left off
  • Reverse engineer trips with the pick-up/drop-off feature
  • Integrations and more!

  • Integrate with everyday GPS systems such as Google Maps, Waze, TomTom, and Garmin
  • Use the app directly on your phone or device for navigation
  • Integrate with Zapier for other apps and logistics management solutions
  • Track delivery drivers’ drops in real-time
  • Calculate and email complete routes to numerous drivers at once
  • What does this mean for your business?

    You can harness MyRouteOnline to receive a number of logistics management solutions to help manage your business. In essence, if you want faster deliveries at a reduced delivery time, to save fuel, time, and worker hours, to cut costs, and improve efficiency, MyRouteOnline is just the tool you’re looking for!
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