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The Local Use of Online Route Planner in Australia

July 26, 2022
Australia Route Planner
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Australia, one of the biggest countries in the world is filled with extreme conditions that challenge even the most seasoned driver. Allowing time and budget for proper journey planning is a must – or you can bet that your vehicle -and drivers- won’t stand up to the wild terrains and extreme weather.

More so, even with primed vehicles and preparation, at the end it’s planning that will be the deciding factor on whether or not you and your drivers manage to keep your schedules. A route planner in Australia is an imperative and handy tool to have up your sleeve to help you plan for all the situations a driver may face on the road.

With that in mind, we’ve gathered some tips on how an online route planner can combat any driving challenges in Australia.

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City Driving

Australians live in some of the most congested cities in the world such as Sydney and Brisbane to name but a few. Australian drivers find themselves sitting in traffic and dealing with congestion more often than not. Meaning, they must endure long hours on the road, more fuel consumption, increased carbon emissions, and increased vehicle wear and tear.

So, when it comes to maximizing your company’s driver’s time finding a way to get the best match between road time and distance is the key to improving productivity. If it can be avoided, it’s best to stay away from the major congested cities during ‘rush-hour’ times and hold off passing through these locations until off-peak hours to ensure your drivers don’t find themselves way off schedule. With a route planner, you can take into consideration traffic conditions and create the most efficient route for your drivers that’ll ensure they cover more ground.

Rural Driving

Driving in rural or remote areas is very far from city driving, and requires drivers to adapt and develop a new set of driving skills for the different road conditions. As there are often very long distances between towns it’s crucial to ensure your drivers are well prepared before they set off. You must ensure vehicles are in excellent conditions, drivers have food and water, there are spare tires and tools, and plenty of fuel – or at least enough to reach a service station – and they have a detailed and efficient route.

Here at MyRouteOnline, we can help equip you and your drivers with the perfect route. Create a route by minimum distance or time, to optimize your travels. More so, once you have your optimized route our tool will provide your drivers with a live map and navigational directions to ensure your drivers reach where they need to be with time to spare.

Note: there are great distances between service stations on the main highways so double check you have all your provisions before you leave. Otherwise, you’ll end up stuck in the middle of nowhere with no help for miles.

Road and Weather Conditions

With a road network that varies greatly in shape, type, surface, and the provision of services en route, Australians -and tourists- have many struggles and hazards to face while on the road. Drivers can encounter gravel roads, unsealed roads, holes in the road, and so on. Meaning, if unprepared, drivers can find themselves in very dangerous situations. More so, different locations in Australia are affected by a number of weather conditions such as floods, bushfires, or even cyclones.

To avoid both road and weather conditions setting back your drivers, ensure they are informed on how to deal with all situations they may come across. Ensure they keep to the speed limit, obey road signs, and even check weather conditions before traveling. Prepare an efficient route that will get you where you need to be in the quickest way possible, to make certain your drivers won’t have to be on the dangerous roads longer than necessary. More so, it’s important to prepare a backup route or have a system that can redirect your drivers if they face unavoidable situations.

Wildlife on the Roads

Australia is known to have many native and endangered species such as Kangaroos, Emus, Wombats, Koalas, and more. These animals are regularly present on the roads – especially come nightfall – and lack of driver awareness or experience dealing with these encounters can lead to many accidents.

To reduce having to be on the road at night, drivers should plan their route to arrive at their destinations during the day. At MyRouteOnline, we can help you plan your route by time frames so that your drivers can reach their final destinations before nightfalls – and avoid running into any wildlife.

However, if your drivers must be on the road, instruct them to reduce speed and remain alert at all times so if an animal does cross in front of them, they can further reduce speed and avoid any accidents.

Toll Roads

Many of the motorways, bridges, and tunnels in Australia are electronic toll roads. These tolls must be paid electronically through a transponder fitted inside the vehicle within 3 days – or the driver faces a fine.

For any companies that are constantly on-the-road on the road, toll roads can feel like a hindrance. When planning your route, some planners provide users with the option of avoiding toll roads. However, in some cases, this may make the journey longer so it’s best to see what type of route works best for you, your budget, and schedule. If the toll roads are unavoidable, be sure to fit a transponder in your vehicles to avoid any fines and paying extra expenses.

With MyRouteOnline, you can take into acount all the variables to optimize your time on the road, budget, and operations. We aim to please by creating the best route for you, and your customers.

Final Note

Australia is a diverse country filled with native species, various road surfaces, and weather conditions. Drivers must face these hazards on a daily basis for long driving periods to reach their intended destinations. Therefore, it’s important that they are well prepared with an efficient route that will safely get them to where they need to be on time.

A local route planner in Australia will take into consideration all the variables that drivers must face so that drivers can focus on the road, and know that they are well-prepared to handle any situation they may face.