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The Future of Our Planet: Integrated Solid Waste Management

December 02, 2019
Integrated Solid Waste Management

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are excellent examples of how much we consume, in the US and all over the world. Changing those habits, reducing the amount of things we consume, is the key to a greener planet.

Over the last fifty years, the population of planet Earth has exploded to such numbers that the quantity of waste produced is reaching dangerous levels. In undeveloped countries such as India or in parts of Africa, waste is such a problem, it causes health issues within communities with the spread of bacteria and providing fuel for viruses. If we don’t want the same thing to happen to the US and other developed counties, we must change our approach to waste management.

ISWM (Integrated Solid Waste Management) is a new, four pronged approach to handling and disposing in such a way that we preserve our environment and protect the citizens of the Earth. The four components are source reduction, recycling and composting, waste transportation and waste disposal. Each piece plays a role in the comprehensive program to prevent more issues from plaguing our home.
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First, source reduction. This is the highest goal of the solid waste management hierarchy. It addresses waste before it even begins by consuming less goods and throwing less goods by creating more sustainable goods or recyclables. By controlling waste at the source, it reduces the need for waste management in anyway. Some examples of this are using reusable shopping bags when you go food shopping or reusable water bottles instead of plastic.

The next part, recycling and composting, addresses the more natural approach to handling waste, one that is safe for the environment and reduces what is stored in landfills. Both of these methods also reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions released into the atmosphere. They are essential in decreasing the amount of waste and creating jobs at the same time, contributing to the economic health of the country.

Waste transportation and waste disposal are closely related in that they involve picking up and depositing waste from homes, businesses and other locations to the landfill. They must go smoothly and be well managed or the ISWM cannot succeed. Transportation can be made simple by using a routing system such as MyRouteOnline. It can be accessed from a smartphone or any device with internet connection, making it easy to use while on the road. The routes generated by our route Planner are designed to save time, which leads to more efficient waste removal at a much lower cost.

If you are serious about getting started with ISWM, try MyRouteOnline and set up routes for your waste removal drivers. Not only will you be taking the first step in ISWM, but you will be saving money and have less stressed drivers out on the road.
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