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The Best Mapping System for Political Canvassing

August 03, 2020
Take the most Efficient Route to Campaign

The presidential elections are coming up in the United States and the need to inform fellow Americans about political candidates has never been more important. That’s where the need for door-to-door canvassing comes to play. Candid canvassers across the nation take it upon themselves to visit tens if not hundreds of addresses per day. Doing so without a proper mapping system is not an easy task.
Canvassers often struggle finding the most efficient route for their campaign, wasting precious time and money in the process. That’s where using a worthwhile mapping system like MyRouteOnline can come in handy.
With MyRouteOnline, all you have to do is upload your address list into our planner. Once you’ve uploaded all of your addresses, the system will plan your route keeping your needs in mind. You can specify your wanted departure time, service time at each stop, and even enter a flexible range of times for a lunch break. All of this will be considered in the route calculations so that you don’t have to do the math.
Have too many addresses to visit in one day? MyRouteOnline can group addresses into separate routes according to your specifications. It can also divide routes according to maximum stops or maximum amount of time you want to spend in each route. Need the planner to group addresses according to separate territories on your map? Use the polygon tool to draw out different territories you want considered in your route calculations.
Most importantly, routes can be optimized by minimum time or minimum distance. Our system calculates the most efficient route for you, saving you gas and time.
Door-to-door canvassing on foot? Travel mode can be switched between walking, cycling or driving. That way, no matter how you choose to campaign, you can ensure you’re taking the most efficient route possible.
After your route is calculated you can save it on the website, email it to yourself, export it onto your GPS for turn-by-turn directions or open it on the MyRouteOnline mobile app.
MyRouteOnline mobile app. No more typing in addresses one by one into the navigation app on your phone. The MyRouteOnline mobile app (link) gives you turn-by-turn directions for your calculated route using your favorite navigation app.
Ready to start canvassing the right way? Go out there and make a difference!
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