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The benefits of using a multi-stop planner

October 15, 2021
Multi Stop Planner

If you own a delivery services company, you will be concerned about the cost of operations of long delivery routes and driving times. The main thing that always gives you a headache is fuel costs, hence the importance of cost-effective and efficient route planning. You should consider my route online as one of the best Multi-stop planning software systems on the market. It’s straightforward to use our multi-stop route planner. Our multi stop route planning routes will ask for simple information and plan routes out on a worldwide map in real-time. It can help you stay on track with costs, customer satisfaction delivery operations, avoid unnecessary stoppages, and waste valuable time getting to and from your depot.

Importing data

If you have large datasets of customers, you might be wondering if you could map out where they are and how long it would take to satisfy a delivery for them. Well, you can import 350 lines from Excel and put them straight into our multi-stop planner. As long as you have the addresses, names, service time and any further comments, you can place them all into our system. This is great for planning a delivery schedule for a driver for the whole week if you average out to 70 deliveries a day. It also makes it easier for your data people to create simple and easy lists for depot managers to understand as raw data gets immediately converted into the parameters they need to work within our system.

Time is money, but so is the distance.

A multi-stop planner system will give you an accurate picture of what you are dealing with. You may find that you have many addresses in the heart of a city and one or two outliers around the outskirts. But actually, it will take longer to do two of those inner-city deliveries than going out to the edges because of the transport network. You need a route planning app to tell you where to go and which route makes the most sense for time and fuel costs. Our route optimization software does this and more, allowing you to condense for deliveries in your time window.

Rerouting in real-time

You know that sometimes, you need to make a change of plan. Rather than calling up the driver who may be going through a tunnel or on their lunch break, you can make real-time adjustments to their route, allowing for a change of plan if there is a cancellation, or perhaps a customer is not ready to take the order at that time. Our route planning software is on hand to help!

If you want to know more about the benefits of multi-stop route planning, you need only ask. Feel free to ask any questions you might have, and we’ll be happy to answer you.
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