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The 3 time-saving steps of route planning

April 03, 2014     ShareThis

Recently, Huffington Post contributor Judith Natelli McLaughlin praised the dubious art of getting lost. Claiming that there’s more than one way to get pretty much everywhere, she calls readers to celebrate their directional impairment for the richness it brings to their lives:

      “It doesn’t matter which way you happen upon, you will arrive at your predetermined destination. As I see it now, it isn’t always about the destination but rather about the journey. My sense of direction, or lack thereof, has taught me a most valuable life lesson — it’s OK to get lost. You will get there.” (Huffington Post)

Planning your journey

All well and good for the private citizen, but not good advice to someone in the professional world. I doubt very much that delivery drivers giving speeches like this to their supervisors would gain much traction.

But never fear. For those directionally challenged souls whose jobs do depend on speed and accuracy, we’ve got some good news! Or, at least, some time-saving news. Because whether you’re planning a local delivery route, a multi-stop cross-country haul, or any other multi-destination trip, there are only three time-saving steps required to planning your route – even with multiple addresses!

Step One: Pick your stops. This step is entirely up to you. Based on your day’s deliveries and/or responsibilities, use our program to map up to 350 addresses.

Step Two: Watch the magic happen. Based on your specifications, we will plan a route that will save you time, fuel, and money.

Step Three: Follow the route. With our time-sensitive itinerary, clear mapping, and turn-by-turn driving directions, staying on target has never been easier.

After the successful completion of Step Three, the only task remaining to you will be to reap the rewards of your investment. With six different payment plans tailor-made to meet your needs, MyRouteOnline is well worth consideration.

Please feel free to contact us for more information. We look forward to partnering with you.