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Sweet Home Chicago: Route Planning USA

December 09, 2015     ShareThis

Finally, after a long year of back breaking work in my new management position,
I earned two full weeks paid vacation. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job. But it is physical, exhausting, and dynamic.
No day is the same, and working with the public provides interesting challenges.
I am so ready for this long awaited vacation, ready to blow off a year’s worth of steam, stress, and exhaustion.

Planning My Trip

Throughout the year, I have been making a list of places I wanted to see. In my teen years, I had the privilege of traveling around Europe, even seeing parts of the Soviet Union before it collapsed. However, I have not seen barely any of our fine nation. So I began what I call Route Planning USA.
My final destination was going to be Chicago to visit an old friend who I hadn’t seen in twenty years, so I wanted at least a week to spend in the Windy City. This is going to be the road trip of epic proportions! Two of my nearest and dearest are coming with me to share the driving, as they have never seen Chicago either.

My List of Places

My list of places is so long, I wouldn’t be able to pack them all into one trip. My two pals were game for anything, so the Route Planning USA is all on me. I looked at my list and chose places that were between New Hampshire and Chicago. I came up with five places I could cross off my list, plus all the places I wanted to go in the Windy City.

Being an overachiever, this seemed to be a pretty good start. First, I pulled out a paper map of the US to begin my route planning. Finding the most efficient routes is not an easy task, especially when my plan is to go from New Hampshire to Niagara Falls, see the Rock-N-Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, cruise by Notre Dame University and catch a concert in Detroit. Oh, and see Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania because I love bridges and I hear they have a lot of them!

Maps and Pins

I figured I could just highlight my route on the map and just wing it if I encountered any issues. I didn’t know any other way to do it. I called up my friends who were coming with me for the trip, and one of them suggested using Google maps. I pulled it up and started plugging in the addresses. It wouldn’t let me put in time gaps for overnight stays, or just a few hours to sight-see. Plus, I wouldn’t have WiFi in my car when we were on the trip, so how could I bring it with me? Scratch that idea.

Route Planning Online

With my computer up, I did a Google search for “route planning USA” just for the heck of it. The first result looked to be something for delivery companies to use, but the second option looked promising. I clicked on MyRouteOnline and whoa! This was exactly what I had been looking for!

For free, I could plug in my addresses, time gaps, everything I needed to get to Chicago and see the sights along the way. They have a step by step how to guide, and even better! I downloaded their free app on my phone so I can email my route, and pull it up on my smartphone once we get out on the road.

MyRouteOnline optimized my route to save me time and gas expenses, as well as gave me peace of mind. I am confident that this trip will be the best ever, and arrive safely to sweet home Chicago!