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Supermarket Deliveries: Making Your Drivers’ Lives Better

January 09, 2020
Drivers Doing Supermarket Deliveries

In the crazy world we live in today, many people are turning to supermarket delivery services to help save time in a jam packed week. Between long work hours, commuting time, kid’s sports and activities, families have limited quality time together. Weather also plays a factor in choosing whether to go out to buy groceries or stay home and order online. The popularity of supermarket delivery services is on the rise and drivers are on the road more frequently. Here are some ways to keep drivers happy out on the road.

Improving Driver’s Quality of Life

Supermarket delivery routes change daily, with different customers ordering on different days and new customers being added regularly. This can cause route planning to be a challenge, and lead to inefficient routes, drivers wasting time and gas. MyRouteOnline can optimize routes by creating a new route each day or adding to an existing route when necessary. Simple and effective route planning makes delivery driver’s days much smoother.

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Some customers may be consistent in the days they order on and it can be easy to create a steady route with MyRouteOnline. When creating and optimizing a delivery route, it is important to account the time it takes to actually deliver the product. With MyRouteOnline, you can add as much time as needed for the time gaps, creating an accurate picture of the route, helping the delivery drivers realize what to expect of their routes.

Supermarkets Protect Their Bottom Line

Becoming a member of MyRouteOnline is quick and simple to do, with minimal cost for the membership. Starting from the Mini plan, and growing with your business, you will see an immediate return on investment. Drivers will use less fuel, and with efficient routes, you will need less labor hours and have less wear and tear on the vehicles.

Because it is an online site, it can be accessed from any computer or smartphone, and with MyRoute app it makes it even easier than ever to keep your drivers going on the road. Where supermarkets choose to spend money on the quality of product and their personnel, MyRouteOnline supports that mission by keeping costs low.

It is important for any business to keep up with technological trends, especially when it means a greater return on investment. As the supermarket industry changes, the demands need to be met. Using MyRouteOnline can help all supermarkets, large and small, to optimize the delivering of their goods and meet the demands of this changing market.
Plan your Route Today, Try it for Free!

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