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Success in Route Planning Analyst Roles

May 08, 2017     ShareThis

Setting your business apart from your competitors is the only way to succeed in a market saturated with similar products. For example, Coke and Pepsi are essentially the same (don’t tell the stout lovers on either side because they will deny it!) however they devise marketing plans to set themselves apart from one another. Sometimes, it’s not so easy.
Obviously providing great customer service is a key factor for many businesses, from soda to direct store sales operations. One option is to hire and develop the role of route planner analyst within your organization. It may sound simplistic or a waste of payroll but a route planner analyst can save you money and help grow your business.

Route planner analysts dig deep into the supply chain, from store or warehouse to customer. They examine data from driving routes, customer locations and product quality and compile this information to help develop strategic routes for your business. This can be challenging depending on the area, traffic patterns and scope of your operation.
Route planning analysts need the right tools for the job as well. Connecting with drivers and customers is critical. Some companies send route planning analysts out on ride along with drivers to meet customers and get a feel for the area. Also, route planning software or programs are essential tools for success. Some software is extremely expensive and require licenses’ renewal every year or so. This can become expensive so MyRouteOnline is an even better alternative.

The cost is minimal and since it is accessed online, no license or software needs to be supported. It can be accessed from anywhere there is internet access. It is so easy to use even the most technologically challenged person can use it with ease.

MyRouteOnline is ideal for route planning analysts because it allows them to create gaps in the stops which gives the drivers time to build up a rapport with their customers. The value of a good delivery driver is immeasurable when it comes to keeping customers happy. The program optimizes routes, creating fuel and time efficient ways to get from one delivery to the next.

While it may seem like only big corporations can afford the luxury of a route planning analyst, you can design a role for someone in your smaller operation too. Give them the tools like MyRouteOnline, that they need to make this part of their current role and watch your profits climb.

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