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Vehicle Route Optimization

September 05, 2022
Vehicle Route Optimization

Every delivery company faces the same challenge: The Vehicle Routing Problem. First coined by George Dantzig and John Ramser in 1959 as the Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP), it is the method in which delivery companies minimize cost variables to maximize profits. If your company has 10 vehicles delivering to 15 cities, the possible route combinations are in the millions! Prior to the World War II, this problem had not been addressed and businesses lost money frequently on delivering.
The VRP is different for each company, depending on what you are capable of minimizing. For example, you can limit the number of vehicles, distance, time or products delivered. However, each one impacts profitability. The algorithms used factor in whatever you can afford to minimize, calculating the maximum profit for your variables. For example, if you have a large company that ships non-perishable items, it would be wise to have large sized vehicles with fewer in number plus minimize your distance to conserve fuel costs.
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Using a route-optimization tool such as MyRouteOnline, you can double your cost minimization because it does the work for you. The algorithm it runs when you enter your delivery addresses chooses accurate routes that are time and distance saving. Google Maps this is a guaranteed savings of fuel costs and repairs on the vehicles.
Here you can find examples of happy customers who benefit from using the route planning program. Less time on the road means your labor cost will also be minimized and you can afford to have more drivers.

The program is user friendly and accessible from any smartphone. This makes changes or additions easy to communicate to your drivers as well as the ability for them to remain hands free. Because of the ease of use and superior optimization, MyRouteOnline makes the perfect solution for your VRP.

As your business expands, MyRouteOnline can grow with you. You can create routes for a client lists in the hundreds. Reducing operating costs means you can reinvest and increase your customer base, purchase more vehicles and hire more drivers. MyRouteOnline helps solve your VRP for next to nothing and maximum rewards back in your pocket.

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