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Set Yourself Apart from the Competition: Furniture Store Operations

May 20, 2021
Set yourself apart from the competition

When people go shopping for new furniture and choose to make a purchase in your store, it is a significant decision. Furniture isn’t just a whimsical purchase. It is thought out, weighing budget, style and of course, the customer service of the store. To be competitive, style and variety accounts for only part of the decision making process. What sets you apart is customer service, that needs to be perfect.

Styles and colors will attract people to your showroom and variety will bring a broader customer base into your store. But how can you convert the foot traffic into purchases? Evaluate your sales force. Are they helpful and friendly? Do they come across as pushy and aggressive? Once you have identified successful sales people, coach and teach their techniques to the rest of your sales force. Your team will be top in no time!

Included in the decision making process is delivery; Is it fast, timely, and of good value? What do your competitors offer? One easy step you can do to make a lasting impression on your customers is offer them a short window of time for delivery. Your customers don’t want to waste paid time off to sit and wait for the delivery to show up.
Using a program that calculates routes based on time and fuel savings is ideal for any furniture store. MyRouteOnline Route Planning software takes your addresses and creates efficient routes that will save you time and money. Because the routes are easily accessible from the office or truck, you can make real time updates and stay in constant communication with your driver. Read this one example of a “furniture bank” planning daily routes. Set your company apart with superior customer service and knock em dead with your delivery time, consistent and achievable!
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